February 20, 2018


Don't run away on the mention of the word ‘commitment’, we are not holding you responsible here :) what we mean (and believe) is ‘Beautiful skin requires commitment, it’s not a miracle’.

One of the first and basic step of any skin care routine is washing or cleansing your face.

Your facial skin is exposed to a lot of impurities throughout the day. Pollutants, dirt, sweat, bacteria, dead skin cells, make-up and sebum, all act as a barrier to decongest the pores and lead to breakouts, blotchy, uneven, aging, lackluster complexion. Even if you don’t wear makeup, there are a lot of environmental factors to consider.

And for those of you who think that rinsing with water regularly is enough, let me say, rinsing is not cleansing. Unfortunately, water is simply not effective enough at removing these impurities. You need to cleanse morning and night, according to your skin type.

Dry or normal skin: The most suitable and recommended products for this skin type are the cream and milk textures. Like our cleansing milk with neem & aloe vera– Chandramukhi*

Combination or oily skin: Use products that are rinsed with water. Gel or foam textures are recommended that free the skin from imperfections and makeup without drying it. Like our Aloe & Moringa Gentle face cleanser – Saihjan**

When to cleanse the skin?

  • Always at night before going to bed and in the morning when getting up.

  • After doing exercise.

  • If you have been in an environment with a lot of pollution.

  • Before putting on makeup.

DO’s and DON’Ts of Cleansing


  • Select the right cleanser based on your skin type and sensitivity.

  • Wash your hands before cleansing your face.

  • Cleanse according to the directions on your cleanser.

  • Do it twice - to balance overnight oil production with a morning cleanse, and to improve hydration, anti-aging process and remove impurities accumulated throughout the day with a night cleanse.

  • After cleansing, follow with skincare products that best suit your needs.


  • Don’t use a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling tight or dry. Many cleansers appear to provide a deeper cleansing action by foaming excessively. Beware– more foam does not mean a better clean, rather it can strip the skin of important natural oils. Use a gentle cleanser.

  • Don’t skimp on time- Cleansing doesn’t happen in an instant. For best effect, give your cleanser time to do its job- at least 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes.

  • Don’t use a bar of soap designed for the body to wash your face – many bar soaps contain harsh detergents and additives that can strip the skin of natural oils, causing breakouts.

Remember, if your skin is not cleansed regularly and properly, your skincare products just keep sitting on the surface of your skin and without them being absorbed properly into the deep layers, they are ineffective and simply getting wasted …

So, do your skin a favor make this commitment and cleanse regularly :)

*Chandramukhi - Neem & Aloe vera Cleansing Milk- Smooth milky texture effectively removes make-up, dirt and debris from your skin, resulting in mesmerizing, refreshed, glowing complexion. With the goodness of Aloe Vera, neem, castor oil, D-Panthenol, sea weed extract and MSM, pamper your skin twice daily to delay aging, wrinkles and skin ailments.

**Saihjan - Aloe & Moringa Gentle Face Wash- Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or acne prone skin, it effectively removes excess sebum, leaving your skin soft and well hydrated. With the cleansing properties of nourishing Moringa and Aloe Vera (known to penetrate deepest layers of the skin)  this gentle face wash cleanses your skin without ripping it of moisture and nourishment.

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