January 20, 2018


 Skincare products- think of them as Food for Skin. All of us put on our thinking caps when it comes to the food we eat. When so much scrutiny goes into what we feed ourselves, why display indifference when it comes to feeding our skin? Whatever we feed our skin, goes straightaway into our blood stream and is transported to every part of our body. With our skin being the largest and most vulnerable organ of our body, 90% of anything and everything that comes in contact with it, is absorbed by it. Exposed to dust, dirt, bacteria, sun and heat on a daily basis, it indeed suffers a lot. Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden and Mount Sinai Hospital, New York point out that the chemicals in everyday household products and cosmetics through absorption by skin and inhalation account as obscure causes of weight gain besides diseases like asthma.

Feed it right- is the mantra you should stick to in order to steer clear off such conditions. Right = Organic.

Research shows that organic produce is higher in antioxidants and other nutrients than their conventional counterparts. Psst… Organic = Eternal bliss for your skin. We at Bpure Organic believe that opting for organic products is a promise made to oneself in the journey to a youthful, rejuvenated and healthier you. Don’t burn a hole in your pocket by blindly adding cosmetics whose composition you are wary/oblivious of. Turn to Nature. Bask in its goodness and vibrancy. That’s when your skin will reciprocate your solicitude. That’s when your skin will love you back. Our 100% natural and organic skin-loving products will not just be your skin/hair’s saviours but also their best friends and paramours for life.

Infused with the goodness of natural herbs and oils, our organic products will help you attain optimal well-being and everlasting natural beauty.

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