Benefits of Clays

June 7, 2018




Clay, the raw natural source of minerals, is powerful, nourishing and therapeutic. In ancient cultures, throughout the world, clays have been used extensively in therapies, beautification, detoxification, cleansing and also as a food.

You have probably heard of them as in the form of clay masks. Clay masks are very popular but ever wondered how they work? The clays when wet, absorb the toxins (like free radicals, chemicals, heavy metals) and binds to them. So when the clay is washed off, they are washed off too. 


 Different types of clays find excellent use in beautification and anti aging. 

  • Volcanic clays draw out impurities and excess oil and leaves the skin tight, healthy and glowing. Some volcanic clays are naturally soapy(Bentonite clay) and effectively cleanse and purify the skin with their natural mineral content in mud baths.

  • White clays are soothing, nourishing, and soften the skin and lighten the complexion.

  • Many natural mineral compounds found in earth are used as natural sun blocking agents, which reflect the harmful uv rays with their reflective action.

Here are some types popular clays with their benefits in the beauty industry.

Besides beauty industry, they are also found useful in:

  •  Controlling decay 

  • They promote wound healing.

  • As they have anti inflammatory properties, clays are excellent pain/joint pain relievers

  •  Many clays are believed to destroy cancer cells, owing to the property called adsorption, which attracts negative ions and toxins from the body.

  • Clay wraps also cool the body and bring down fevers and temperature. 

  • Calcium based clays, also called as living clays, are also used  internally for therapeutic purposes. They very effectively pull out heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, lead, and tin by attaching to them.


It is important however to choose a clay which comes from a pollution and radiation free environment, natural quarries and is purified by natural sunlight and has been properly ventilated. 


We have incorporated these beneficial clays in our products to give you the best solutions for your skin.

  • Rose & Vanilla Scrub - A gentle scrub which effectively sloughs off dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and resplendent. Its ingredients list includes French red clay as the 1st ingredient besides Rose petal powder (Vitamin C rich), Crushed Vanilla beans and Almond meal.

  • Face mask for Acne Control - Shodhan- The miracle healer French green clay mask. With neem, olive oil and eucalyptus oil combined with calming aloe, this miracle potion sucks up toxins and rids you of acne and break outs like nothing else.

  • Beauty & Grace Face Mask - LavanyaThis face mask aims to add to your beauty like no other mask does! Made not with one but a combination of two effective clays -Fuller's Earth clay, and Red clay , this rejuvenating mask also includes properties of  Manjistha, licorice  & Rose Petal powder and work wonders in uplifting not just your mood but also your skin’s condition!


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